This order may be placed and acknowledged by the buyer only on the terms and conditions set forth on the face and reverse side hereof and without modification, addition, deletion or alteration, and shall constitute a contract on such terms and conditions either when signed and delivered by the Buyer to the Seller or otherwise acknowledged by the Buyer, and accepted in writing by the Seller, or when the Buyer or his agent has accepted delivery of the whole or any part of the goods herein described.



Unless otherwise specified herein.

(A) All prices quoted are exclusive of state sales taxes, and any other taxes which may be applicable and all such taxes shall be paid by the Buyer. Freight and Delivery are quoted as a separate line item. And are taxable where applicable.

(B) Where sales tax exemption is applicable, orders must bear the necessary sales tax certification; prices quoted are subject to increase based upon and future increase in costs of labor and materials, services, duties, freight, taxes and exchanged. Where applicable and upon prices generally prevailing at date of shipment:



(A) Your credit card will be charged at the time of completion of the transaction prior to shipment of product typically on the date of shipment.



Unless otherwise specified herein.

(A) Delivery to the Buyer shall be completed upon acceptance of a shipment of a shipment by any carrier customarily used by the public, or in the event of carriage by the Seller to the Buyer, or its agent.

(B) The risk of loss of damage to the goods herein shall pass to the Buyer upon delivery as aforesaid

Each shipment under this order shall be considered a separate contract and default by the Seller on one or more shipment shall not invalidate the balance of the order.

(C) Delivery of any quantity between  90%  and 110% of the quantity ordered shall constitute a good and a sufficient delivery



Within the limits of this clause, the goods herein are warranted free of defects in material or workmanship manufactured or provided by the Seller, provided that the Seller shall not be liable for normal manufacturing defects nor for customary variations from specifications. Claims of any kind or nature are specifically barred unless made in writing to the Buyer within ten days after delivery of the goods and in any event prior to altering the goods in any manner from the original condition of delivery whichever is earlier. The limits of liability of the Seller for any reason whatsoever shall be to replace any goods rejected for proper cause, or refund the price paid thereof by the Buyer and nothing more, at the option of the Seller. The Seller does not warrant to any extent whatsoever any item or part thereof not manufactured by it or any work or services not performed by it or any material supplied to it, except to the extent the same is warranted by the Sellers suppliers.



Except as hereunder provided, the Seller shall not be under and liability to the Buyer in contract, tort or otherwise, and any liability expressly provided elsewhere hereunder shall be subject to the following limitations and exceptions namely;

(A) In no circumstance whatsoever, shall the Seller be liable, nor shall any claim be made against the Seller for indirect or consequential damage. Including without hesitation , loss of profits or damages consequential upon loss of use;

(B) Subject to paragraph 5 hereof, all liability of every kind on the part of the Seller shall cease upon delivery by it of the goods hereunder.



The Seller shall not be liable for delay or cancellation due to causes beyond its control, including without limitation, strikes lockouts, labor disputes, fires, act of GOD, and inability to obtain necessary, labor , materials, or services or manufacturing facilities.



Standard Catalog Products; Equipment and Materials that is to be returned must meet the following stipulations:

(A) Return Requests must be made within 30 Days of transaction date., and are subject to a 35% Restocking Charge.

(B) Returns must have a RGA Return Goods Authorization Number- To request this number please call 1-800-553-3625 and ask for Web Sales Desk.

(C) Equipment and Material must be shipped back freight prepaid and received in new, saleable condition for credit to be processed. RGA Number must be marked clearly on the package with a copy of your transaction information included in the package.

(D) If goods are not received by KleenBlast within 60 days of the transaction date they will be considered purchased and the RGA will be void and no credit will be issued.

(E) Orders that are refused on delivery are not eligible for transportation refund.



(A) Neither the contract constituted hereunder, nor any claim against the Seller arising thereunder shall be assignable by the Buyer without the Seller’s prior written consent. This contract shall not be an asset of the Buyer in bankruptcy, insolvency, or receivership proceedings.

(B) The contract constituted hereunder shall supersede all prior agreements, correspondence and undertakings or commitments, whether oral or written made between the Buyer and the Seller.

(C) After commencement or manufacture, orders are not subject to cancellation or change without the prior written consent of the Seller. Accepted orders will be subject to the Sellers to the Seller’s prevailing delivery schedule at the time of receipt of order unless otherwise arranged. Once delivery is arranged, the Buyer may change delivery, providing five or more calendar days’ notice is given, but any addition cost for freight or storage will be paid by the buyer.

(D) If the Buyer shall fail to pay any accounts when due under this contract, or to pay at maturity  any note or notes given in respect thereof, the Seller may at its option suspend deliveries of this contract until such time as this default shall have been cured.

(E) The contract constituted hereunder shall be governed in  all respects by the law of the State of  California, U.S.A

(F) In the event action is undertaken by Seller to collect amounts due under this invoice, Buyer agrees to pay Seller’s reasonable attorney’s fees together with all cost of such collection.

Metals in these Abrasive products are below all federally regulated levels for reportable quantities of hazardous materials under RCRA, CERCLA, and SARA. Metals are listed in 40 CFR 260-290 RCRA (Resource conservation & recovery act) and 40 CFR 300-399 SARA (Superfund amendment & reauthorization act) Purchasers should be aware of their health, environment and reporting responsibilities above listed thresholds as use of blast media in a removal, cleaning, peening or texturing process will produce waste that is different than the material purchased.  Proper disposal of the waste generated is the user’s responsibility and must comply with all governmental regulations. If you require testing and information about disposal and recycling programs please contact Kleen Industrial Services at 925-831-9802.

Equipment and parts sold on this website are intended to be used for applications as outlined in the original equipment manufacture’s operation manuals.  Typically equipment will be shipped with manuals, if you do not receive a manual and require one for your application please request the operation manual by contacting our office or 1-800-553-3625.

In general products used with compressed air are potentially lethal if not installed, maintained and used correctly as described in the Operation Manual. Read and follow all instructions before using equipment; Failure to do so may result in serious injury or death. All machines, components and accessories must be installed, tested, operated and maintained only be trained, knowledgeable, experienced operators.